What are the health benefits of running?

Woman runningEver feel tired without doing anything? Having trouble getting sleep at night? How about looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing you want to make a change? Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this article I will tell you the health benefits of running and how it could positively affect you in your everyday life. Well, Good thing is that for running you will only need your body, some running shoes, and strong willpower.

Running Helps improve your inner self

It’s 2 am and you have work in the morning and it sucks because the whole time you have been staring at the ceiling trying to find a way to go to sleep. By simply adding about 30 minutes of running can actually help you sleep better. Running actually helps improve your mental health. Running reduces stress and depression all while keeping your blood sugar in check. There have been several studies showing that adding only 30 minutes can actually help you sleep better and help reduce insomnia in the long run. Another benefit includes boosting your energy levels for the day. Every time you wake up and go for a run it’s like your warming up for the day that lies ahead of you.

Running helps improve your outer self

Running actually helps weight loss and improves self-esteem. Running has always been a go-to when it comes to weight loss and even I support that fact. Running helps you burn calories during the workout and sometimes even after it. It also helps to suppress your appetite and kills harmful belly fat. What’s better than being able to wake up to the body of your dreams whether you have it or not running helps improve your self-esteem every time you create a goal for yourself and you achieve it you will feel good about yourself whether its losing weight or finishing a 5k run in less time.

Running vs Sickness

Did you know that running for 30 minutes a day for 3 times a week can actually help you prevent sickness or some diseases like cancer or reducing the risk of having a heart attack? When you go for a run you’re also helping your immune system especially when you are eating the right foods. Running helps boosts white blood cells which help fight off sickness and diseases. Just because you run 30 minutes though it doesn’t mean your immune to sickness it actually tries to prevent it but many factors could affect that such as alcohol consumption, obesity, being exposed to extremely hot or cold weather, and sometimes even allergies.

The Long Run

All the benefits I have said in this article are usually the ones that affect you soon enough but now I will be naming the ones that affect you in the long run. After years of running at old age, you will feel and look younger. Just like I said running helps you boost your immune system and helps your memory. It boosts your confidence and energy levels.


These are all benefits that come from running. Hopefully, these benefits mean something to you and not just another article. Of course, these are not all the benefits because there are so many benefits from running but these, in my opinion, are the top beneficial ones. But as always remember to stay safe guys success doesn’t happen overnight it takes time and patience is key.


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