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Hello fellow athletes and welcome to my website Quick Feet. Many of you may not know me so here’s a bit of information about me. I am 18 years old and graduated in the year 2020. I like playing sports and I always considered myself an athlete. As a kid, I grew up in a small community in Georgia and enjoyed being active. I used to play in the park all the time and my friends and I played anything with a ball from soccer to basketball to even football. We would always have races to see who was faster. Of course, I would always win:). I was also that kid who believed that his not so new shoes would make him faster than anyone else. But for me, shoes were just shoes and I would wear any type to just play outside which would lead to aching feet.

As a kid, all you want to do is play and just be a kid but what about when you grow up. Suddenly you start feeling pain on your knee or your foot just hurts more every mile you run and let’s face it who likes aching feet or bad knees.so I want to make it my mission to help others by recommending running shoes that will help in the long run.


Growing up I didn’t know much about shoes in fact I didn’t even know athletes needed to wear cleats for certain sports that is until I joined a small soccer team when I was 9, with about 8 players, in my community. I also almost never really had a new pair I would usually get shoes that were used and sometimes worn out. Some of them didn’t really fit me and sometimes were either too tight or just really uncomfortable to run in.

On a summer day, one of my mom’s friends overheard a conversation I had with my mom about the shoes I was wearing. I had told her that they were very uncomfortable to run in and that they hurt my feet. My mom told me she didn’t really have the money to buy me a pair of running shoes. That is when my mom’s friend asked what size I was and I said 3. Little did I know that the very next day she bought me a pair of running shoes so I could go outside and run around without my feet being hot or squished by the sides of the shoe. They were blue and gray and had holes in the front. To this day I’m still thankful for what she did and now I want to give back by providing information on shoes that can be used for any sort of running or even a sport.


Everyone knows that a shoe doesn’t give you more energy or speed but what if I told you that a shoe can change the way you run. All shoes protect your feet but not all shoes are shock absorbent or even comfortable to run mile after mile. Sometimes even wearing the wrong shoes can lead to injuries in the long run such as an ankle sprain or even shin splits.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to provide the Athletic community or even newbies with important information they need to know before they buy some shoes to run in.


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